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Api-Scale system consists of 2 parts a weighing frame and a beehive base set. The bee-keeper only needs 1 weighing frame and needs to fit a base set on a base under each bee hive. The weighing frame is engineered in high quality lightweight aluminium with an adjustable electronic scale that can display  kg, lbs. and oz. this weighing frame can be used across all compatable hive types Again the base unit is constructed in aluminium and is available with or without a wooden base kit The base unit and base board kits are available in UK national and Langstroth 8 or 10 frame sizes    
Api-Scale Products The economical beehive weighing system
Engineered in Australia as seen on ABC TV the new inventors Now available in Europe Exclusive to beehive scales
NEW version
How much honey? hive weighing allows you to judge the optimum time and ammount of honey each hive can spare.
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